Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

one day with I.'n.U

Today we spent our day with cooking, eating and playing (playing is sounds like a child) at My house. Before we decided to cook today, Indri sent me a message : "Uta, let's cook a meal!" I reply : "I'm still at school, ndri. What a dish that we will make today." and after that, she doesn't answer my message (in the fact : I'm forgot what does her answer is, but after that she doesn't reply any message)

And at 11.00am I'm arrived home.
Then, I sent SMS to Indri : "Ndri, It's okay if you come to my house now. But, I'll washing a plate first." She didn't answer my SMS, so I think it's canceled.
To make sure that our appointment is fix, I send a message again : "Ndri, wanna make a dish or not?" then I continued my work. Not long afterwards, Indri came to my house and said : "Utaaaaaa . . ." I said : "Come in Ndri!"
Indri brought spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, and chesse. She said that she don't know what should we cook for today. that's why she bring a spaghetti to my house.

Because I don't have anythings that I'll use for making our spaghetti, Indri and Me went to Bogor Junction to bought some extras food there, such as chikwha, crab stick, minced chicken meat, and dry fish, it's for the main dishes. As a dessert, we choose cane bread and as a drink, we choose milk (but we haven't drink it yet. still on my refrigerator). Then  . . ,here our ingredients for today :

And what does our dish look like is. . . (Tada!)

See? The portions is too much, right?
Hahaha . . my stomach is really fulfilled! = 'eungap'


team creative :


uta - indri :)

Nice to meet you there~

with Love,
UTA :)

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