Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

Hello, I'm Uta :)

Waaaah . . .~
Long time no see, readers !
It's me Astrid or . . .you can called me Uta.
I'm as U in I 'n U. ahaha
It's my first time to wrote here. Today, I spent my day with Indri and Novi.
But, Novi attended in the time when we was eating, cooking, and playing. So, she only get our dishes as a gift. hohoho. Indri and Me making (a lot of) spaghetti and when we ate it, the portions is suited for coolie. kikik. One plate fulfilled with spaghetti.

Nice to meet you there :)

with Love,
UTA (pssst, come to visit me here. Thank you. . ~)

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