Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

Hello there !!!

Hello there ...

we will begin to greet you with our stories from today,

nice to meet you,

and remember! we are not a group of gangs who like to do anything by ourself and do not like to hang out with others, we are open to anyone. :)
we are a group of children who live in a same housing and we love to play or try something new either in cooking or sewing, and even just chatting for sharing our minds,

we don't really know, from when we get closer each other, maybe it has been 1 year we together, we meet and starts to know each other from English course and continue till' now, not only become bestfriend but also become business partner, HHA .. yaa .. we're happy to make money by selling something(food or goods)

I `n U it actually stands for the name of the three of us,
I for Indri, N for Novi and U for Utha,

Thank you for visiting

 I `n U... :)

*by indri :)